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Our 2020 model changes are out and we’ve added two new floor plans for even bigger, big bunks!  Our Legacy II offerings will now include 180” sleeper layouts with rear beds and an optional side door.

Both layouts will feature a 54” wide bed base and a larger shower that is 12” wider than our standard issue.  A 2800-Watt Inverter/Charger will supply power to the 120V Household Style Refrigerator in each unit that boasts 7.3 cu. ft. of storage.  Plus, all 110V Recepts will be hot and available for use at all times – no need to differentiate between recepts wired to the generator vs. the inverter.  In addition, we’ve added a larger egress window on the passenger side (36” x 22”).  All side entries will have electric 3rd steps too as an added convenience.

And same with all of our LII Models, you’ll have tons of upgrades available to choose from as well – Unique Décor Packages with Customizable Looks, Convection/Microwave Ovens, Induction Cooktops, Seamless Laminate Countertops with Undermount Stainless Steel Sinks or Solid Surface Countertops, In-Motion Satellites with DVR, Interior & Exterior LED Lighting, Walk-Through High Cab Conversions, 12’ Exterior Awnings, and so much more!  You can fit a whole lot in these great 180” Legacy II Layouts!  Check it out!




New Slide Out Option!

Looking for a little more room? Our new slide out option gives you a great deal more of interior living space. The slide out galley kitchen is perfect if you travel with a spouse or a team driver. You can use the kitchen with ease, without having to squeeze past each other. These units are constructed with the same ARI quality that you’ve come to trust. The slide has our sturdy welded structure and a 2” insulated floor. We’ve used three heavy duty tracks for added durability, and it’s double sealed for water tightness. If you’re looking for more of an open concept – our 18” slide can provide! Get that home-away-from-home feeling that is so important when you’re spending months out on the road. Call us for information and availability! 260.768.4704